Is the studio currently open?

Yes, the studio is currently open on a very limited basis. However, a number of policies and procedures have changed, so please read the following prior to arriving at the studio.

Which class should I attend?

All classes are Hatha based and geared toward the students that attend. Teachers will try to offer as many modifications and versions of the postures as possible so that all students and levels are accommodated.

Do I need to bring a mat and props?

Yes, you will need to supply your own mat and props, such as blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters. While the studio has these items, there is no economical way for them to be sanitized in-between classes, and therefore, are not for public use.

Do I need to sign-up online before attending classes?

Yes. Due to COVID-19, we are limiting class sizes to 7 students per class to abide by social distancing guidelines. Accordingly, those students who sign-up prior to class will be given priority. If we have less than 7 students sign up for a class, we will accommodate walk-ins, but request that those walk-ins still sign-in and pay using the MindBody app so that our teachers do not need to handle money or credit cards. We are trying to limit exposure between students and staff. Signing-up and paying on-line will help in this regard.

What is your cancellation policy?

While we used to not deduct from passes for classes that were not attended or cancelled registrations, due to the reduced class size, we have to change that practice. If you cannot attend a class for which you previously registered, please cancel your registration 2 hours prior to the class.  Any registrations canceled after that time will be deducted from your pass. 

What are the procedures once I enter the studio?

Please wear your mask into the studio. Upon entering, please sign a paper waiver on the check-out stand, affirming that you are not symptomatic and have not (to your knowledge) been exposed to COVID. You will sign this waiver every time you practice at the studio.

After signing the waiver, please remove your shoes and place them in a cubbie along with any belongings other than your mat and props. Then, head to an empty space and place your mat and props. Once you have set down your yoga gear, you may remove your mask.

How are you enforcing social distancing?

The room has spaces marked for each student’s mat that are at least six-feet apart. All students must use a designated space.

Why do I need to sign a waiver each time I arrive?

We want to do everything possible to protect our staff and students, including ensuring that students are symptom free and have not knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days. The waivers that you sign at the beginning of each class will help us in this regard.

What’s with the spray bottles at each mat site?

We are providing each student with cleaner and towels to disinfect their area of the studio both before and after class.  Once you have placed your mat, take a moment to spray and wipe any surfaces you may come in contact with and repeat the process at the end of class. This will help us keep all students safe and healthy.

We are also keeping cleaner readily accessible in the bathroom. Please feel free to use it to wipe down bathroom surfaces that you may come in contact with if you wish.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Hays County requires individuals to wear masks in public places when it is not feasible to stay six-feet apart. When students are entering and leaving the studio, it may be difficult to remain six-feet apart (i.e. while you are taking off/putting on shoes and placing/gathering belongings from the cubbies). Once students are on their mats, it will be easy to remain six-feet apart.

So, we are asking that students wear their mask when entering and leaving the studio. However, you may remove your mask once you are on your mat.