Click here to view class days and times, to purchase passes on-line, and to sign-in for classes. You can show up for classes without signing up first. However, please signup for events listed on our event page. Following are descriptions of the classes offered at Orange Moon.

The studio will open 15 minutes prior to each class.  If you arrive after a class has started, please enter quietly to avoid disrupting the other students and check-in with the teacher after class.

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Often thought of as a “traditional” yoga class, Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your mind, body, and spirit. Teachers provide guided instruction and alignment cues, making this a good class for all skill levels–beginner through experienced.  In addition to it’s traditional Hatha classes, Orange Moon also offers:

Iyengar Style:  A classical all levels Iyengar style Hatha yoga class
intended to aid in the opening of energetic channels for the movement of energy and the exploration and discovery of the deeper more subtle mind-body connection. Applying Iyengar alignment principles, along with the use of props, we will establish proper beneficial asana for each individual body, as we develop and evolve in flexibility, strength, agility and balance in both body and mind. The class will finish with gentle pranayama (breath control exercises) and restorative meditation.

Strength Building: This class focuses on developing the upper body strength necessary for advanced postures, such as arm balances and inversions. An established yoga practice is not a pre-requisite, but a basic level of fitness is recommended.

Sacred Vibes:  This class mixes the sound of quartz crystal bowls with a Hatha practice to bring balance of chakras, deep states of clarity, and feelings of wellbeing.

Slow Yoga:  Slow Yoga is a hatha practice that moves at a slower pace to allow you the space and time to cultivate appreciation of and gratitude for everything your incredible body can do. As you move with awareness at a measured tempo, you’ll have a safe and sustainable practice with the goal of staying safe and healthy, both in your yoga practice and in the world, through introspection, mindfulness, and the practice of ahimsa (non-harming). Slow yoga can relieve stress and cultivate a clear mind and a strong body, leading to a happier and more functional you. With slow, mindful, breath-connected movements, we work on building and maintaining muscle and bone strength, on maintaining flexibility, and on balance. We also practice pranayama (breathwork) and meditation for improved ability to focus and to quiet the mind. This class is suitable for all levels, beginner through experienced.

Yoga for Chronic Pain: Combining ancient yoga practices with modern medical knowledge, this class tailors yoga to your needs, adapting the movement, deep relaxation, and meditation practices for the challenges of living with pain, arthritis, and related conditions. Enjoy the benefits of classes that combine the evidence-based yoga therapy practice led by C-IAYT therapist Deborah Charnes who combines learnings from the ancient Eastern traditions of India and China with Western integrative medicine. This new paradigm empowers you to incorporate these benefits into your daily and nightly routines. No previous Yoga experience is required.

Whole Body Hatha:  Hatha Yoga for your mind, body and soul, with a focus on breath, strength & flexibility, alignment and mindfulness. Based on the foundations of Swami Sivananda, precursor to Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga, you will focus on asana and pranayama (poses and breathwork) and the concept of meditation in movement – making every pose and action a meditation in itself. All bodies welcome.


Combining breath with movement, you will flow from one posture to the next in these classes, while still taking time to focus on proper alignment. This is a great class for all levels who want to move, but still find space in their practice.


A slower yoga practice, in which postures are passive and are held for longer periods of time. This allows students to access deeper stretches and practice mental letting go to remain in the present.


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