Practicing Yoga in the OM

symbol-1537054_640Yoga classes often begin or end with the chanting of OM. OM is considered the cosmic sound vibration. It is not only the source of, but also includes, all other sounds and vibrations. OM is universal.

Similarly, yoga is for everyone.  It includes all people, regardless of beliefs or abilities. It can bring physical, mental, and spiritual development to anyone who devotes energy into establishing a consistent practice.

So what does it mean to “Practice in the OM”? It is a reminder that each one of us is a part of the universal vibrations that surround us. While it is very easy to lose sight of this in our busy everyday lives, we can allow ourselves to reconnect with these universal vibrations if we provide space for a consistent yoga practice.

That was why Orange Moon Yoga in Wimberley was created, to provide a welcoming space for all people, whether they are just starting a yoga practice or furthering an existing one. Its teachers have a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds to assist students in grounding their practices and reaching their goals.  Check out Orange Moon’s classes and events and let us know how we can help you Practice in the OM.

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